As a CrossFitter, running is part of our daily workouts, but we usually only do sprints or time ourselves to see how fast we can run a mile. Since I came to CrossFit with a running background, I still enjoy longer runs. On days when I trade my box (a CrossFit gym) for the trails, I love to get in some postrun strength training, so I usually do some push-ups and follow it with this ab-burning workout.

I love doing this quick ab routine after a run to keep my core strong for CrossFit (and life in general!), but I’m also working on a yoga/gymnastics goal — to press into handstand — so strengthening my core is key. Aside from doing this ab workout after a run, I also like to squeeze it in while cooking dinner, or when watching TV (it helps relieve stress during gruelling moments on Game of Thrones!).

Ab Workout For Strong Core

Equipment needed: one dumbbell (three to 10 pounds), a pair of sliders (or use paper plates on carpet or towels on wood floor), and a bar to hang from (if you don’t have one, there’s a modification without one)

Directions: After warming up with a cardio session, complete each of the nine ab exercises ahead for 45 seconds, then take a 15-second rest. After the workout, do Cobra pose to stretch your abs.

Ab Workout For Strong Core
Diamond sit-up
Seated Russian twist
Hip raise with leg extension
Mountain climber sliders
Glider knee tuck with pike
Elbow plank with hip dips
Hanging knee raise
Headstand leg lifts

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