Haven chief operating officer Jack Stoddard has left the company after less than a year at the Amazon, Berkshire, J.P. Morgan health collaborative, according to a report from CNBC.

Stoddard, who’s previous roles included leadership positions at Optum and Accolade, most recently served as the general manager for digital health at Comcast. He was the company’s second major hire after the appointment of CEO Atul Gawande and started in his position last September.

He told CNBC that the frequent travel between Haven’s Boston headquarters and his home in Philadelphia was taking a toll on his personal and family life. No replacement for Stoddard has yet been named.

Stoddard was one of the most prominent figures leading efforts at the still-largely secretive organization, which is charged with lowering healthcare costs and improving health outcomes for its member companies’ 1.2 million employees.

His decision to hire Dave Smith from Optum as Haven’s director of strategy and research led to a legal spat over claims that Smith stole trade secrets from his former employer.

While the case was eventually dismissed, it forced Stoddard to take the stand and testify about the aims and ambitions of the as-of-then unnamed company. In his testimony, Stoddard said the initial focus of Haven was gathering data and researching the levers that drive costs and prices in healthcare.

“What data do we have, what insights can we glean from that data around cost and quality of care so that we can help then make that available as we think about helping patients choose doctors that are going to help them get better outcomes on the quality side at the best price,” Stoddard said

Additionally, Stoddard said the collaboration will pilot innovative ideas to more effectively utilize primary care, determine better ways to route patients to higher performing and less expensive clinicians and looking at new ways to lower prescription medication prices.

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