San Diego-based scientific software developer GraphPad, known for its Prism analytics and graphic tool, has acquired startup SnapGene to bolster its growing bioinformatics product line.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

SnapGene was initially founded in 2004 by University of Chicago biologist Benjamin Glick as a way to help plan, visualize and document molecular biology procedures and allow for the simulation of cloning.

“While DNA cloning is supposed to be simple, each procedure is different and there are many variables,” Glick said in a statement.

“Scientists can end up making mistakes that set them back days or weeks or more. We perceived that there was a need, and it was clear we had an opportunity and the aptitude that would allow us to solve this widespread problem.”

The software is used by more than 250,000 researchers in 65 countries ranging from those in private biotech companies to scientists at academic institutions.

GraphPad was founded in 1989 and was recapitalized two years ago by Insight Venture Partners leading to its current growth phase.

The company’s acquisition of SnapGene led to the creation of a larger parent entity known as Insightful Science, meant to house a range of software meant to assist scientists in the research and development process.

Tools under the Insightful Science umbrella include GraphPad’s Prism, as well as Geneious DNA data analysis software from Biomatters, a New Zealand-startup which GraphPad also acquired earlier this year.

“We are honored to welcome SnapGene into our growing portfolio,” Insightful Science CEO Thomas Swalla said in a statement.

“The company has already had a phenomenal impact advancing research at leading institutions and biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We look forward to empowering even more scientists with this technology, and further serving and supporting the global scientific community.”

Photo: mediaphotos, Getty Images

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