Bon Secours Mercy Health has become a minority investor in ADURO, a Redmond, Washington-based company helping organizations improve corporate culture and employee well-being.

ADURO offers a digital platform combined with live coaching, which can help employees in various areas such as health, finance and personal growth. In addition to tracking wellness metrics, the company’s offering lets users engage in digital interactions. The tool also leverages data for predictive purposes, thereby allowing organizations to improve employees’ well-being.

The ultimate aim is to boost employee productivity, lower healthcare costs and improve retention rates.

This isn’t the beginning of the relationship between ADURO and Cincinnati-based Bon Secours Mercy Health. The two organizations have collaborated for six years. Initially, they worked on an employee well-being program to aid caregivers. BSMH then integrated ADURO’s well-being solution into the broader continuum of care, enabling physicians and others to use well-being data in patient engagements. More recently, the system integrated ADURO’s platform into its work with other community employers.

“We are focused on bringing well-being solutions to our communities through our new direct-to-employer programs,” Bon Secours Mercy Health vice president of business development Michael Todd said in a statement. “By collaborating with ADURO, Bon Secours Mercy Health becomes the employer’s subject matter expert for all aspects of health and well-being. Ultimately, this will benefit the employer and their community because associates and dependents will be reaching peak performance both in and outside of the workplace.”

In other ADURO news, the Redmond company secured a $22 million investment from Boston-based private equity firm Abry Partners earlier this year.

“We are dedicated to shaping lifestyle behaviors in people and helping them flourish,” added ADURO CEO Darren White, according to a news release. “Our collaboration with BSMH continues to evolve a personalized care experience for employees, patients and consumers that delivers improved outcomes and opens possibilities for care.”

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