Lash Group, a patient support services company that’s part of AmerisourceBergen, has teamed up with Medisafe, which makes an app to track medication adherence levels and remind people to take their prescriptions.

Through their collaboration, the entities will tackle patient adherence.

Boston-based Medisafe’s app will deliver real-time interventions to help patients stay adherent. Additionally, the tool can alert Lash Group’s clinicians when patients are considered “at-risk.”

Now, patients can receive support after therapy is prescribed but before they fill their first prescription. Overall, the alliance provides more visibility into the shipment status of the patient’s medication and offers an opportunity to better engage with patients.

In a statement, Medisafe CEO Omri Shor commented:

We are excited to move upstream in the patient journey making it easier for new patients to get started on therapy. And this solution offers patients further support throughout their journey as a trained clinician is never more than a tap away. Our strategic collaboration will improve the well-being of patients with severe illness and complex medication regimens at scale by helping them stay adherent to specialty medications for longer.

According to a news release, Lash Group president Tommy Bramley added: “We are excited to work with Medisafe to provide an additional layer of digital communication to improve adherence rates and instill healthy behaviors. We meet patient needs by providing both digital and human support to help guide patients on their path to recovery and to a higher quality of life.”

Other organizations have also sought to address patients’ adherence to their meds.

Last year, University of Maryland Health Partners, a Medicaid managed care organization, and digital health startup emocha Mobile Health joined forces in an effort to improve medication adherence among patients with type 2 diabetes.

Separately, medication adherence startup MyMeds partnered with Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions in an effort to improve adherence rates. As part of their alliance, patients enrolled in MyMeds’ platforms can access medication-related educational content from Mayo Clinic.

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