One of my happy places is on the trail with my two dogs running through trees beside me. But if it’s raining, this is the cardio workout that I’ve done in my CrossFit classes that I like to do inside. It’s fast-paced and just 20 minutes, but by the end, I’m sweating through my sports bra, my entire body feels worked, and I’m totally pumped to take on the rest of my day.

Level 1 CrossFit coach Sefton Hirsch said this workout is a “real burner and it hits all parts of the body.” Although this is meant to be a workout that builds cardiovascular endurance the same way running does, I love that these moves also strengthen the muscles in my legs, butt, core, and upper body — I can feel it the next day!

20-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout

Equipment needed: jump rope (or just pretend), Abmat (if you have one for lower back support), and a box (I use my sturdy coffee table).

Directions: Complete four rounds of the below five-minute workout for a total of 20 minutes. There’s a ton of jumping, so if it’s too much, Sefton says to do the modifications listed next to the exercises. You can also take a one-minute rest between rounds if you need to. Keep reading to learn directions for each move.

140 seconds jump rope, 20 seconds rest
240 seconds burpees, 20 seconds rest (or squat thrusts)
340 seconds air squats, 20 seconds rest
440 seconds box jumps, 20 seconds rest (or box step-ups)
540 seconds Abmat (Diamond) sit-ups, 20 seconds rest

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